Mouse in the house

MY God rodent dropping on my counters!

My main concern for my family is to make sure that my home is the best home possible when it comes to sanitation. Especially when it comes those darn little rodents call mice and rats which I hate with a passion. Nothing discussed me worse that when I come home and I see droppings from a rat on my kitchen table or my countertops where I cut my meat and eat my produce.

I have encountered this problem several times over in the past two months where more and more and more mean I have noticed that there are more broken droppings in the morning from a party a fiasco has gone out during the night or rodent seven coming into my house and chewing and gnawing on my press him and cheese and bread in the pantry.

Nothing can be grocer to me nothing can make me feel worse then faeces from Rodents were me and my family eat our food and we have our wonderful time together in our homestead.

Yesterday morning was the final straw I woke up early in the morning bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to tackle down my day. As soon as I went out to get me a wonderful awesome cuppa coffee I find out that in the cup where I was drinking as it took my first sip slowly a big fat Rodent dropping.

I shouted and I yelled is that called for my wife and I said please bring in my cell phone enough is enough I have gotten to the end of my rope. The first thing I did was I maps and I found out the closest and nearest pest control company that I could find here in Burleson Texas.

I was going to put an end to this once and for all by killing every single mammal in my house not to include my wonderful family. I was willing to do whatever it took to put bait traps put poison pesticides even drop a nuclear bomb but make sure that every last wrote in my house was completely eliminated from the face of the earth so I can rest easy at night knowing that when I grab a cuppa coffee I’ll never have to worry about Rodent dropping in my coffee.

As my wife brings me my phone she kicks it in the air and it tosses into my hands as she yelled and screamed mouse she said it again with a loud voice mouse!!!!!

She said Henry do everything within your power short of bringing a bazooka an AK-47 into this house and get rid of every road you see I never want to see another rat wrote and run across my kitchen so I get scared like some type of an elephant.

The first company I found was a company out of Fort Worth by the name of Josephine pest-control they were courteous and ready to come out there and tackle down my problem and make it a thing of the past. The exact words for the owner was your problem now is our problem and will be out there shortly to illuminate all problems from your homestead.

Needless to say within the hour just like clockwork that somebody was knocking at my door and it was Josephine pest-control the best pest-control company that I have encountered in Burleson Texas in Tarrant County in the past 20 years!

They were in uniform their company trucks had logos they were ready with spray bottles and bait traps these guys had their stuff together and there were ready to tackle down my major adversary the rodent.

The first thing they did was take a complete analysis and evaluation of every pantry every single door every single closet the attic the outside the entry doors all the cracks and crevices every point of contact was checked out and on the checklist was eliminated.

These guys checked everything even to include underneath our pillowcases on our bed they found rodent and rodent clues everywhere even in places that I can’t even tell you on this blog because it’ll gross you out.

Josephine pest-control was professional their staff is knowledgeable, and they had a great agenda on how to get rid of these rodents from my house once and for all.

I realize that I was dealing with a company that was willing to go the extra mile and that made me want to pay top dollar knowing that my home and my family would never have to worry about getting contaminated with rodent dropping ever again for the rest of our lives as long as we lived in this house.

They were knowledgeable to the point that they were extremely dangerous if I was a mouse I would want to leave the premises in a heartbeat because I knew that my goose is cooked and I was fixing to die on the spot.

Replaced out there Beat traps,  checked every perimeter in the home and every point of entry was checked off either with poison or with a trap.

At the end of the day when they left I feel completely confident that I just hired the very best pest-control known to mankind and they were willing to come back again and again and again and no charge no extra cost to me.

I’m happy to announce it today two weeks later we are rodent free in my home thank you Josephine pest-control.

Termite Control

Termite treatment do well!

In the fall this past year we countered a major problem with termites in our business. It was such a massive problem that we could not sell our building that we had structured.

The problem that we were encountering was that the actual structured building was completely rotted from the basement because it had termite damage and not just any termite damage it was severely damage to the place of structure.

We had a pest control company from Fort Worth come out there and we found out that after they ran some testing that the actual building was that even well enough for us to occupy.

This was devastating to our business seeing that we absolutely had to have a place for hundred man staff and for all our workers that worked out in the field to meet every morning to have our weekly meetings.

Have to understand that this building had an extreme value to me and a lot of history was involved because my dad and grandpa on the building before me.

Encounter myself in the situation that had never been in before having to face these little bugs call termites with no solution in sight.

One of the things that I had to do was sit down to pest-control company and figure out a game plan to get rid of them once and for all and then pay a construction company to come out there and put a brand-new foundation underneath the basement of our structured building.

This was easier said than done after sitting down with the pest control company they told me and inform me that the cost to get rid of these termites was a multi thousand dollar investment.

This was devastating considering the fact that we were a small company barely making it and the revenue was extremely tight. The owner of the pest control company inform me that he would be willing to work on the budget so he waited a couple weeks and then got back to me.

Talking about a reputable company that’s been around for the past 25 years serving residential and commercial buildings alike in Fort Worth Burleson and Johnson county to include Tarrant. They are the best termite removal company in DFW!

I need to come up with a solution for this problem and come up with a fast because my staff had no where to be and I could not operate normal business inside of a rental building.

For next day I called US rentals and they brought out three trailers that we were able to connect electricity from the existing building and like them up and we ran operations as normal as the pest control company started to do their thing and removing the actual termites from our foundation.

I encountered this to be an incredible monumental heavy task for me because now we were encountering the payments they had to be made to the foundation company and also pest-control company to include the rental for the trailers.

After sitting down with the owner of pest-control Fort Worth he informed me that he was going to give me a discount of 35% off the normal cost for termite removal in my foundation. Needless to say this was a huge blessing and a game changer to allow me to conduct myself in a regular manner and be able to operate my business without going under.

He also was able to throw in a lot of extras like the fogging and also the put some particular termite removal services. This was a game changer indeed pest-control Fort Worth save my life because they came in and they got rid of every last termite in my foundation down to the last core.

I realized how much of a blessing they were when they gave me my final bill when I found out that I ended up having a savings of over $26,000 which is a month worth of operating costs that I would not have the money for it they hadn’t been for the discount that I received from pest-control Fort Worth.

They really made me feel at home the owner Albert James was absolutely credible on every detail he was on his forthcoming and their staff is professional and they help me get rid of my problem in a timely manner.

Once again I recommend their services to anyone in DFW that is looking for a quality and dependable and honest pest-control service in Fort Worth.

Visit the truth on termite control.